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Alibaug Water Sports


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About Alibag Tourism

You are a visitor to the most popular site on Alibaug (Alibag), the queen of the beaches in Maharashtra, India. True to its fame, you are assured for a royal treat! Alibaug in true sagacity is the festive spot for any ocean Lover! Alibaug is eminent for its fresh air, clean waters and clean sands. Rekindle your mystic sense among the tranquil, sleepy, confabulation of fishing hamlets with pallid and unsoiled beaches. We are committed to you about providing the detailed & entailed information about Alibaug and its completely free for you. We provide you particulars to explore a wide variety of Beach side cottages in Alibaug, Hotels in Alibaug, Resorts in Alibaug, Hill side resorts in Alibaug and much more, we assure you that you need not look any further!

We will guide you on every aspect of Alibaug let it be Adventure Sports, Spas, Bicycle or Car rentals or anything and everything what you can do in Alibaug.


Thrill-seekers look no further than India’s & European’s adventure attractions – skydiving, hang gliding, spelunking, rock climbing, zip lining, tree climbing, motorcycling, ATV and motocross.


Relax on the sand, tour scenic lighthouses or experience unique ecological settings along the beautiful India coast. Small barrier islands lie just off the coast and feature some of the region’s best beaches.


If your idea of idyllic night out  is either dancing or pub crawling, you’ll  want to hop around in old town Tbilisi, Leselidze or Pubstreet. Both are home to a range of live bands, hopping clubs & great music.


The area called Abanotubani has a number of public & private bath houses, where you can have an exfoliating massage and plunge into a pool filled with sulphurous water-known to be good for the skin

Outdoors and Nature

Many outdoor and naturals are available in Alibaug and nearby area. It can be pristine each or breathtaking Mountains. Everything is very beautiful.