A bunch of my friends and I decided to go to Alibaug in early February and I, being the non-Mumbaikar, was absolutely thrilled. When you love the sun and sand, Alibaug can be the perfect getaway from the city.

Getting to Alibaug is a piece of cake. All you have to do is take a ferry from Gateway of India till Mandwa and from Mandwa, a bus to Alibaug. It takes approximately one and a half hours to reach this raw, tropical Konkan town.

We’d rented out a bungalow in the middle of nowhere, off Nagaon beach, the biggest beach in Alibaug. It was literally in the middle of nowhere, with no trace of civilization or humans for at least 3 km. We had to hike for 30 minutes every time we had to go to the beach but it was always worth it.

The beach was uninhabited, isolated and so raw. It felt more like a private beach to us and the water was so clean and clear, you couldn’t believe you were less than 100km from Mumbai.

Walking through unlevelled rocky tracks at night, you could see stars you can never hope to spot in Mumbai, shining so bright. The air is so fresh that your body feels cleansed and rejuvenated and the best part?
You barely get network there so you’re absolutely off the grid, not occupied with the trivialities of social media all the time and actually out there, seeing and enjoying things.

–Added on guest’s request by Admin.

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